About Kadma Weimaraners
Hello fellow Weimaraner lovers! I'll start off by giving you some background information about the start of Kadma Weimaraners. Some thirty odd years ago whilst working at a Veterinary surgery and at the same time completing my Veterinary Nursing studies a lady brought two Weimaraners into the surgery for routine yearly vaccinations. I immediately fell in love with the breed. Several weeks later my employer asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a Weimaraner bitch as friends of his had been given one after loosing their Maltese terrier and she was too big and exuberant for their lifestyle. I begged my husband to let me have her and so we acquired our first Weimaraner...(later to become Aust Ch) Pern Hannelore - Magda. At this stage I didn't know anything about pedigrees but after talking to a friend who had Dobermans he suggested I start showing her and the bug had bitten. Magda soon gained her bench title and not long after Magda gaining her title I acquired her litter brother... Aust Ch Pern Hubertus...Hugo. Further down the track I purchased two pups from Tom and Robyn Harris, titling both these dogs with relative ease. (Ch Bordnamot F'Kirsty and Ch Bordmanot Justin.) This was the beginning of Kadma Weimaraners.
AUST GR CH KADMA LITTLE TOWN FLIRT (FLIRT) Photo taken at 11 years of age.
Since this early start I have tried always to keep two things in focus. We should always breed dogs of super temperament and they must be sound. The breed standard states:- "The dog should display a temperament that is fearless, friendly, protective and obedient." Also I believe that is a dog is not sound in body then he is useless and that is why I Hip Xray accredit all dogs bred. All our puppies are house raised puppies to enhance the people bonding and all our adult dogs are also house dogs. Our puppies are raised with love and attention and are taught puppy manners appropriate to their age.

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